More Reasons to Eat Fruit, Plus 194 Vitamins, Minerals & Special Organic Nutrients to Fill the Gap

Thank You Too :

We grow a very large all natural garden that we preserve and freeze, But it is almost impossible to for us to 1. eat enough to cover all the bases 2. to always be able to spend the preparation time needed for totally nutritious meal. 3. have the budget or the room in my fridge for all the fruits and veggies needed to cover all the bases.

So PLAN “B”  fills in the gaps.

A little personal history as too how PLAN “B”  came to be. My husband was very very ill a few years back and literally could not face food. He had dropped to 142 lbs and the medical community was not figuring out the problem or the solution.

My husband is a Type A hyperactive perfectionist with 3 back injuries on prescription painkillers  They were killing him, he was so exhausted he was sleeping 20 hours a day. Food made him nauseous and his doctors weren’t listening.

In desperation I  went on the hunt for the best nutrition packed in the smallest volume. Fear is a Great Motivator. I found 2 products that literally changed everything and in a week.

The doctors finally came up with a better solution for his pain management but by that point so much damage had been done that surgery was required to remove a significant part of his bowels.

Once he could eat normally again he opted for that instead of supplementation  His brain function definitely has suffered from the prescription meds and the prolonged starvation he  suffered as a result of the overwhelming nausea.

Had I not found a solution – I truly believe we would have lost him. That solution has 194 Vitamins, Minerals & Special Organic Nutrients in a 1 ounce serving. I have to admit that back then the formulation didn’t taste that good but it was only 1oz/once a day so he took it under duress.

Ever since then I have been looking for something similar but was better tasting and more affordable than the $80.00 a bottle the health food store wanted. We have tried many other supplements through the years but for one reason or another – they just weren’t up to snuff.

Then 6 weeks ago I am on a plane and the fellow next to me tells me his story of his return to health after getting ill, non- ending tests and no solutions. His wife convinced him to take a look and he tried the product. Within 6 weeks he was back at work full-time and has never looked back.

We reconnected when he and his wife came into town and I taste tested the nutritional solution that gave him his life back. It tasted really good but even better it was the same product that made such a difference for my husband but now it tastes good. Too top everything off, it can be ordered on line much cheaper than I had been paying and I could get free shipping to my house. BONUS!

Below is a link to the product and a study that will blow your socks off.

But before you go to check that out – a few money saving tips for getting the best bang for your dollar. 1.Order 3 products and your shipping is free. 2.Go on auto ship on this 1rst order and you will get a really really nice anti-ageing skin cream for free – that is only available until the end of March and to my understanding a one time event.( wait a couple of days until you are sure your product is on the way and you can take yourself off of auto ship if it doesn’t work for you) 3. Your auto ship can be 1 time every 3 months – so you can order 3 bottles and never pay shipping YES! 4. It has a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t see results, you don’t like the taste, you can get your money back, Again YES YES YES.

Definitely a  WIN WIN no matter how you see it!

So here are the links – Product Info:    L0ok under Daily Complete.  This my online store so I can get you to these products and them to you if that is your choice. I am the one who actually pays the the shipping so you don’t have too.

The study:

Life has taught me, Our best Healthcare starts with SELF CARE!

You are Project Manager of your best life and I believe this is a good tool for your life project but check it out and decide for yourself.



2 thoughts on “More Reasons to Eat Fruit, Plus 194 Vitamins, Minerals & Special Organic Nutrients to Fill the Gap

  1. great article about getting your spouse back to health with nutritional supplementation! vitamins and minerals derived from organic whole food sources is the superior way to supplement, since the vitamins and minerals are in the form that nature intended it to be and as a result are much more readily absorbed by the body, thus saving you $$. Synthetic formulas are not utilized as efficiently by the body and are toxic to your body over time, due to the binders and fillers in them. great article! glad your husband is well! dr. joseph


    • Thank You for your comment – When something truly works that is the message that needs to get out there. I checked out your website and you represent some really great products but I personally still prefer liquid vitamin/minerals due to the bio-avaiability that is so very important for impaired or aging digestive systems so Daily Complete is what I recommend. Info at the following link:
      I do however really really like the looks of the Thyroid Support Supplements as they look excellent from the ingredients and are from a very reputable manufacturer.


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