Suggestions to live a Rich and Fulfilling Life

Suggestions to live a rich and fulfilling life # 01 by Rene Hamilton
by Rene Hamilton (Notes) on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 1:06am
Thank You Rene!  Rene is a friend and a sage – he got it at a young age and has been experiencing life in it’s fullness. His facebook posts always expand your body, mind, spirit, understanding or give you an unexpected chuckle from time to time.

Suggestions to live a Rich and Fulfilling Life

Do whatever you do with integrity – “integrity meaning self truthfullness”. Even if you do not do something in full intergrity, then recognize that you are doing so.

Do not beat yourself up over not being truthful to yourself. Remain neutral, but watch and observe what develops in your experience, whether it be of integrity or not… We Grow with experience. However when we judge ourselves based on our experience… then we stop feeling fulfilled. Experiences are Temporary Happenings to be observed, not judged.We are that which experiences, However we are not the experience itself exclusively. Judging ourselves is like throwing mud on the sun and saying the sun is now dark. Now imagine.. each thought and judgement we have is like mud… It Darkens and hides the light out of whatever it is being directed at, and we can no longer see the eternal joy and light in anything else… or ourselves for that matter.

Judgments are made out of Mana or otherwise know as illusions or thought forms. Your mind is very skilled at unconsciously manipulating that Mana / Illusion / thought form material.  Each judgement superimposes itself over your natural Unlimited creator given brilliant clear joyful paradise vision. Manipulating your true Joy experience and vision into a dark maze of limited and complex idea’s that literally has seemingly sucked the joy out of almost every moment of life’s experiences. All judgements are based on Fear and to a lesser degree Assumption based. All judgements stem from the Ego. The Part of you that is living in temporary Delusion as to what your true nature really is. We can call the ego a confused child, who was brought up and raised on lies and misunderstandings.The Ego is not bad or good. Only Confused. Yet we need the Ego to experience life as individuals, if that is the path that we are living. There may come a instant where you no longer feel you are interested in illusion and let go of the Ego and all of the drama and delusion it brings with it, thereby living in truth, beauty and joy!

It may be a gradual transition or happen in an instant! You the individual will no longer exist. Yet you will be replaced by pure unlimited wisdom, pure unlimited love and pure unlimited beingness. Even in this Replacement you will notice.. that you are still here and never left. The only difference will be that you are now everywhere and nowhere instead of just one place.

We are swimming in an ocean of love…yet we are projecting a personalized movie of pain an sorrow on top of that ocean of pure love…All we need to do is to give up our stories, let it all go… we are addicted to our own story even though it brings us so much pain.

The good news is…. is that we were never that story or the projections the story brought forth. It was all Mana / illusion / thought forms. Now that you realize the power of thoughts…

You have three options.

1.) Continue on as normal.. projecting your story or pain, lack and sorrow, which is Pure Chaos Illusion.

2.) Change the story / thoughts and create a whole new amazing life experience, which is essentially controlled and consciously directed illusion, which is can hold higher levels of happiness yet will still hold some degree of suffering and confusion.

3.) Get rid of all the thoughts and story’s all together and experience the ultimate unimaginable joy, love and magic in perfect clarity.

Whichever choice you make… Don’t judge it… just enjoy the experience. This is why you are here… to Enjoy the Experience of Experience.

Rene in true love.

Rene writes the truth – change your mind and change your life experience! An open mind allows  – judgement limits. Do your best always to live in your integrity – allow others to choose their own way.

Stop judging because you never never know the whole story even if it is your own. We are not all seeing. No matter what happens remember “And this too shall Pass”

Look for the lessons – they are always there.

Be grateful and loving and you will be blessed with a more vibrant joyful life experience!

You think what you want is what you need. That is usually not true. We are living in a very material time – you may want a million dollar house but do you need it. Most likely not.

A fear based mentality gave me grey hair at an early age and worry robbed me of so much, fun, time, energy and joy. I was a professional at judging and worrying. When I actually had to face those fears head on – the resourceful me found workable solutions. A smile and a positive attitude brings a multitude of people and solutions out of the wood work to assist you.

Find you spiritual self – it will be grateful to be here to experience life in all of it’s fullness. recognize how magnificent the planet, universe,every plant, animal, bird, sunrise , sunset are……….

Expect that you don’t know : what your next adventure is, the next interesting person you will meet, what interesting information you will find, where your next chuckle or tear will come from, what old friend will re-appear, who needs the information or perspective you have. Don’t judge – just go with it and have some fun. You will be amazed at what wonderful gifts the universe has in store when you have an open mind and allow!

Be generous in word and deed.  Money is only one solution but your humanity is who you are not your bank account or lack there of – I will take love, friendship, joy and a helping hand. Some of the truly most wonderful people I have known, have cared the least about material things – they have cared about people and experiences. Our material needs often get confused with wants. Remember the more stuff you own the more of your life is spent managing and taking care of it. Make sure you leave enough of you to enjoy the experience of living and being.



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