10 Tips for Better Sleep


So many of us these days are just tired, hectic work and family life, too many obligations, too much to get done in a day. Or we sit down for a minute at the end of a long day to enjoy a program play a game or read a book. That minute becomes hours and we simply don’t allow enough time for sleep.

On top of the tips below  – No Electronics in the bedroom, that includes the cell phone.

If you have too,  SET A TIMER – so you don’t get engrossed and inadvertently stay up far beyond a reasonable bedtime that would allow for the necessary amount of sleep time.

Routines help us wind down a fall asleep easily. Create a routine to support yourself getting your best rest.

One complaint I hear often is lack of a good night’s sleep. If you can sleep well, it makes every aspect of life better. Read this poster, I hope at least one of them works for you!

Getting enough sleep keeps you looking and feeling younger. Sleep is when the body repairs and rejuvenates.



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