Natural Mediterranean Colon Cleanse Recipe

Occasionally we all need to give our bodies a good clean out. Many people spring clean their homes. We live in our bodies 24/7 and they deserve a good spring clean too.  The best rejuvenation occurs from doing a good detox. A good detox should make you feel more awake, alert, energetic, and lighter.

Our bowels affect every other part of our bodies – if you cleanse you colon – you clean your liver and every other part of your body benefits. A fatty liver is said to be caused by a liver overloaded by toxins because they leak from the colon into the liver.

The poster below demonstrates that.  Colon hydro-therapists my clients have used in our area recommend Experience.  It is the best effective and gentle colon cleanse that I know of. Below I have linked to information on it so you can check it out.  I know the poster is a little larger than it should be –  but it is easier to read that way.

Notice how it all starts with the colon!   Cleansing the colon also detoxifies the liver, the kidneys. the brain and blood.

Drink Fresh Lemon diluted in very warm water (not hot or boiling as that will destroy some of the the nutrients) every morning to provide ongoing gentle detoxification.

I like the Experience Colon Cleanse because it is doctor recommended, it is based on the Mediterranean Diet, it is all natural, it works and it benefits the whole body.

If you have digestive problems always consult your physician before starting any Detox or Cleanse.

Cleanse your colon and improve your health with a 100 year old Mediterranean recipe. Give your colon a good spring cleaning – You deserve it! You get some surprising benefits like more energy, just feeling better overall,  some people even drop a few pounds.

Important Benefits:
• Works gently and quickly
• Improves regularity and cleanses the colon
• Vegetarian and natural
• 100 year-old Mediterranean recipe
• Doctor-patient tested
• 100% Gluten-Free
• Listed in the Canadian Compendium Of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS)!

If you’re suffering from bloating, gas, heartburn and constipation, you may also benefit from Experience. This natural, vegetarian blend gently and effectively cleanses the colon and improves regularity. For generations, this Mediterranean recipe has been proven to work. *

1- 3 month supply depending upon your personal situation, plus a 30 day money back guarantee.

For the month of April only – if you go on auto ship for any product you will receive a free  Synergy Defense so check that out also. (Love their auto ship as it can be up to 3 months apart)

Here is the link to the best Colon Cleanse I know of – Make sure you drink more water whether or not you do any cleanse or detox. 85% of the population is said to be dehydrated which contributes to poor colon health.

I am pretty picky about recommending products but the Awareness Life Products have an excellent reputation and work. It was my friends who own various health food stores who first introduced us to them as  THE BEST OF THE BEST when we were dealing with a very severe family health issue. They were instrumental then and continue to benefit our family now.


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