Lupus – The Impact On The Body

Another one of those auto-immune diseases that was unheard of 50 years ago.  Our bodies are now attacking us in ever-increasing numbers. So many things are different than 50 years ago. So is it one thing or a combination of things that have spawn the Age of Auto-Immune Disease?

We have the knowledge to categorize the symptoms and because there is big  money in treating symptoms but not in curing disease, that is where the focus is.

Some major changes that may or may not be part of this Auto-Immune Disease epidemic that have become part of the North American Culture and the more developed Nations since the Second World War.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

Mass Immunizations

New Chemicals/Toxins created yearly in the range of 100,000/ year now.

GMO Crops and foodstuffs

Processed Food

Fast Food

Pop and other beverages replacing water as our main consumption of liquids

Fluoridated Water

Reduced Iodine in Salt

Bottled Water

Prevalence of Electricity in homes.

Power Lines


Wireless Technology

Man created building products – eg. OSB Board, Manufactured wood

Food made of petroleum products

Butter Substitutes

Reliance on Commercially produced produce

Exponential Increase in the number of Gas/Diesel motors

Pharmaceutical Solutions for every imaginable symptom



Just to name a very few.

The answer to this puzzle may be a combination – or none of the above.

Auto-Immune Disease is destroying more lives and affecting a greater number of  lives daily and we are all at risk until the underlying causes(s) can be determined. Do whatever you can to support and promote research into finding the causes so we can create a better future.


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