Raw Potato Poultice – Excellent to Draw Infection from Wound or Abscess.

Raw Potato Poultice – Excellent to Draw Infection from Wound or Abscess.

Recently my husband’s thumb became infected at the large joint. There was no apparent wound, bite or bruise. He went to the doctor, who could not determine the cause either. The doctor prescribed antibiotics – which provided some assistance but did not clear the situation up.

We were a large family, who grew up on a farm over an hour away from any medical assistance, Our parents were used to treating many wound/abscess situations successfully.  I recalled how effective they had been. When we had fresh farm milk, mom would typically make the bread and milk poultice otherwise we used the raw potato poultice.

I suggested we try an old-fashioned poultice. We made a raw potato poultice as we have new baby potatoes from the garden and by the next morning the inflammation was significantly reduced and the wound discharge was a clear fluid instead of pus.

We maintained the poultice throughout the day changing it about every 4 hours after rinsing the affected area in a salt water wash.

By the next morning, there was no sign of infection or inflammation. We washed it well in salt water, rinsed with colloidal silver, let the wound air dry thoroughly and covered with a breathable bandage. The bandage came off before his nightly shower, and that was that – the wound had healed beautifully.


1. Take a raw potato and grate it finely to produce a soft,pliable, mush.

2. Spread this onto a clean cloth and apply it to the affected area.

3. Cover over it with glad/saran wrap.

4. Cover with glad/saran wrap with a cloth bandage to hold the poultice in place.

5. Leave overnight and remove in the morning. ( if you are seeing healing progress but feel the wound/ abscess would benefit from an additional application, can apply a new fresh poultice following the steps above)

6. Cleanse affected area with warm salty water.

7. Cover with a clean dressing.

8. Continue salty washes twice a day until completely healed over!

Please consult your health professional if not sure about this great healing recipe:)

Other Poultices

Poultice for Infection

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If you have an infection on your skin, then you can make use of poultice to get rid of the infection. Making the poultice at home is not a difficult task. It will be of help in getting rid of the infection easily.
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All of us have suffered from skin infections at some point of time or the other in life. Although there are antibiotics available for the same, one can make use of poultice for treating infection. It will not only be of help in drawing out the infection, but it will also speed up the healing process. The poultice increases the supply of blood to the affected area, at the same time, they also relax the tensed muscles as they soothe inflamed tissues. They are also able to draw out the toxins from the infected area. The skin is known to absorb anything, which comes in contact with it instantaneously. Therefore, when poultice is applied on the skin, the medicinal benefits are also absorbed into the skin and that in turn, starts the healing process.

How to Make a Poultice for Infection?

For treating infectious diseases of the skin, different types of poultice can be used. It is important that the right type of herbs are used for the same. One can either use fresh herbs or dried herbs to make herbal poultice. The poultice recipes mentioned below will help in treating boils, infections, abscesses and inflammation.

Onion Poultice
To make onion poultice grate a raw onion. Combine it with warm water. Place a thin cloth on the infection and place the onion poultice on the cloth. Place a bandage on the onion poultice and leave it on the skin overnight.

Calendula Flowers and Lavender Oil Poultice
To treat infections of the skin combine quarter cup of crushed Comfrey leaves with quarter cup of Calendula flowers and a couple of drops of lavender oil. Add all the ingredients to a jar filled with sterile water. Shake the ingredients well and place the jar in a dark and cool place for four days. On the fifth day strain the leaves and flowers out. Dip cotton swab in the liquid and place the swab on the infection and wrap it up with a bandage. Change the swap at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Mustard Poultice
Soak the mustard seeds for 10 to 15 minutes in water. Grind them in the grinder by combining it either with water or natural oil. Place a thin cloth on the skin and then apply the poultice on it. Do not apply the poultice on the skin directly, as it can cause the skin to burn.

Turmeric Poultice
To make turmeric poultice, combine turmeric powder with water. Apply the paste on the affected area. It draws all the infection, therefore it is often referred to as drawing poultice. It can be used to treat boils, as much as it can be used to treat different skin infections. Along with the poultice, you may also want to drink a cup of warm milk combined with half a teaspoon of turmeric once in the morning and one cup in the evening to hasten up the healing process.

Bread and Milk Poultice
The bread and milk poultice has been used for many centuries. Soak bread in warm milk for some time. Then make a paste of milk and bread and then apply the poultice on the infection. It will help in getting rid of infection fast as it also hastens the healing process.

Potato Poultice
One of the poultices to get rid of infection is the potato poultice. All you have to do is to grate a raw potato. Place the grated potato on the infection site and cover it up with a bandage. Leave the potato poultice on the infection overnight for better results.

No doubt the poultice for infection is great to treat the infections. However, if the infections refuses to die down, then it is best to consult a health care professional. If along with the infection, you also have fever, redness, which is spreading away from the infection site, severe pain, foul odor, etc., then it is time that you consult your health care professional. At the same time, it is important that you do a patch test to know if the poultice does suit you. Last but not the least, the advice given in this write-up cannot be substituted for medical advice.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 1/11/2011

8 thoughts on “Raw Potato Poultice – Excellent to Draw Infection from Wound or Abscess.

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  2. Great article. I have an abscess that’s now starting to drain. I was wondering if a raw potato./onion/epsom salt poultice can be used on an open abscess to aid healing?

    Thank you


  3. My Mum always used bread and boiling water poultice , it always worked ,and brought out the toxins and cleared the infection .


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