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Caffeine – Which Drinks Contain The Most Caffeine Content

Caffeine – Which Drinks Contain The Most Caffeine Content

Caffeine Content

You may be surprised by some of the numbers as to the amount of caffeine various drinks contain. This poster has all the facts about caffeine, the amounts in different teas, various coffees, many types of soda and energy drinks.. A little caffeine is fine for the average person, but those with high blood pressure and certain heart problems or problems sleeping may wish to control the amount they get!

Adrenal exhaustion is becoming a hot topic of concern especially with the under 21 demographic. The energy drink craze may not just be affecting how some of us get  our caffeine fix, it seems to be leading many young people away from traditional natural drinks. Energy drinks have been making headlines due to concerns over caffeine and sugar content. For those used to sodas as a preferred beverage, energy drinks are most similar. Where will this lead in the already daunting health challenges in the foreseeable future, in our already sugar overloaded North American diet. This is a question sure to plague our medical system.


Of Note***

1) Replacing your morning coffee with Black Tea will also boost your immune system.

2) If you are a coffee drinker do not stop cold turkey – your body has come to rely on the caffeine and will very possibly cause severe headaches and extreme tiredness for a few days. – I only have a couple of cups a day, I replaced coffee with fresh lemon during a very hot spell last summer and got a very rude surprise.