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4 SUPER FOODS to incorporate into our lives for NUTRITION & NOURISHMENT…
Using these ingredients will help your body function better, delaying or reversing the signs of aging. Team great nutrition with a smart lifestyle choices,lots of laughter and you are well on the way to a long happy healthy life.,
Excellent recipes at the links below.

“Frankenfoods” vs Real Food, What You Want To Know & Need To Know.

Excellent article from Herb Workshop! …….As a re-poster, I have added a bit here and there.

“Frankenfoods” vs Real Food

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes get an incurable craving for junk food that can only be abated when you have consumed the source of your obsessive thinking? You’re not alone if this has happened to you, AND it is part of the make up of what I like to call “Frankenfoods”.Frankenfoods

Through the use of artificial colors and flavorings, and concentrated fats, proteins, and sugars, food scientist have developed these “faux-foods” in a devious attempt to keep us coming back for more of their unhealthy offerings. These chemical-laden concoctions have been developed to stimulate the pleasure center of the brain, causing us to be highly stimulated and enamored with these faux-foods. We choose a physical response in the brain, a release of dopamine, followed by pleasure rather than choosing true health and vitality.

This cycle has led our nation (USA) to the highest rates of degenerative diseases in the world.

Through the refining process, all the good, natural nutrition is stripped away and replaced by harmful, disease promoting substances. These substances promote heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a myriad of other health complications.

As we allow our schedules to become overloaded with inconsequential activities, we often reach for denatured foods that are quick, pleasurable, and devoid of any real nutritional value. As a result, a full 51% of the “foods” Americans eat today are processed and refined. By engineering the substances that are baked into these faux-foods, frankenfood manufacturers are betting and profiting from our becoming addicted to these chemicals, resulting in our consumption of more and more of their wares.

Real FoodSo how can we combat the physiological effect these faux-foods have on us. Well, start by NOT EATING THEM! Health food stores often have “healthier” alternatives to our worst cravings. These are a good way to begin transitioning away from the other junk foods, but these should not become a mainstay in your diet either. Even though its from a “health” food store, and often contains better ingredients, it is still refined and should eventually be eliminated from your diet. If you are looking for healthier alternatives, refer to the recent post concerning recommended RAW food books.

The following are other suggestions that will help your body loosen the hooks these foods have placed in your mind and in your body:

  1. Start each day with a good breakfast. I recommend using fruit and/or soaked grains. Avoid fruit juices and coffee that jack-up your blood sugar levels. Stabilizing your blood sugar helps control and eliminate cravings throughout the day. ( I will show you an amazing healthy coffee that we absolutely love in a future post)
  2. Eat at least 10 calories per pound of your IDEAL body weight. If you eat too little food, your body will stop producing lepting – a natural appetite-control hormone. Dietary recommendations are that we not eat fewer than 1500 calories a day, and NEVER under 1200 calories per day – except when fasting.
  3. Throughout the day, continue to eat foods that will continue a steady blood sugar pattern. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes (beans and lentils) will help prevent blood sugar dips and spikes that can lead to cravings, fatigue, and an overall feeling of “lousy”. (Graze)
  4. Eliminate the over consumption of animal proteins and fats. This will significantly reduce hormone swings, which can often lead to cravings. When consuming animal products, make sure they are organic or free-range, and hormone free. (In many other parts of the world meat is used more as a flavoring rather than a main course)
  5. Exercise moderately six days a week to build physical strength and to promote the elimination of toxins from your body. Your fitness routine should include a combination of aerobic and strength building exercises. ( I use my Oxygen Spa and get a cardio workout equivalent to a 3 km jog – getting my body clean and my workout rolled into one – again, will tell you more about that in a future post)
  6. Go to bed early. As busy parents it is often tempting to stay up late, after the kids have gone to bed, in order to get a little personal time. This eventually will cause a backlash effect, resulting in you feeling more tired and worn than if you’d gone to bed early and awakened earlier. ( Read the previous posts on sleep – it is more important than you think – on the news last night – newest North American Health  Epidemic – SLEEP DEPRIVATION)
  7. Turn off the TV. Television is known to be a powerful trigger for one’s appetite, AND can cause us to over-consume if we eat while watching it. The American Academy of Pediatrics has specifically associated childhood obesity with TV viewing. ( So if it is a problem for our kids you can be sure it is a problem for the adults as well)
  8. Plan ahead when traveling or eating out. Pack a cooler with “friendly” foods that won’t bust your gut while on the road. With the use of the internet, you can also find restaurants that have vegetarian menus and menu items.(It is OK to not be totally rigid about your choices,   but again from experience – all things in moderation or you will be choosing a result that stops you from having the best moments possible in every moment)
  9. Take a break from eating. Fasting is very beneficial to the body, when done correctly. Abstain from food for up to 24 hours once a week, or once a month, if possible. When resuming food intake, make sure it’s natural and raw; don’t overload your rested digestive system with heavy, chemical-laden foods. You will defeat the purpose of your fast if you do. ( We like to drink water flavored with real fresh squeezed lemon on an on going basis – you just naturally eat less when you consistently drink- sip more)
  10. Seek support from your family and friends. They may not understand what you’re doing, or why you’re doing it, but ask that they respect your efforts. I’ve often found that it is better for me to bring something to a dinner or barbeque invitation so I can have something to eat. It’s also a great way to explain what you’re doing and the benefits you see from it. (Bring an amazing dish you love with enough to share – soon they will want your recipes. Lead by example – Yummy is Yummy and we are all suckers for YUMMY)

These few, important steps must be followed daily in order to permanently overcome damaging food seductions.

These suggestions may seem to over-simplify the sensitive nature of food addictions, but really are powerful recommendations that are reliable and effective. Food seductions and pleasure releases are real. Recognizing the pleasure triggers in your life and intelligently working with them are required if you wish to achieve and maintain ideal health.

If you want more information about food additives, check out the book
‘A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives’ by Ruth Winter, M.S.

garden harvestBetter yet: do what you can to grow as much of your own food as possible. Lack of space is not a good excuse. Google “small space gardening” and you’ll be amazed at the ingenuity of folk to grow their own produce. Check it out!


Your future,  your physical and mental  health as well your family’s future, their physical and mental health is in the choices you make every day.

We have a son who was labeled severe ADHD  at 4 1/2 years old and a daughter diagnosed with severe Crohn’s  finally diagnosed when she was 11 after 4 years of trying to get some one to listen.

I had very severe IBS long before it had a name and spent so many hours laying on emergency room floors trying not to scream from the severe pain.

PAIN & FRUSTRATION are huge incentives to find ways to improve any situation so we did.

Start cooking foods from scratch – to save time and money, make 2 or 3 lasagnas, casserole etc. and freeze. When our kids were little, I would spend an evening or a weekend every week putting  together and pre- cooking casseroles, soups, hearty stews. I was making 4 or 5, by the end of the first month I had quite a variety. For those busy days when there were after school activities. I would pull one out before I left for work – it would be thawed when I got home from work, in the oven it would go for 10 – 15 minutes.  I’d throw together a salad and we could eat healthy and be out the door in 30- 40 minutes max. I really got to like being able to shop for supper in the freezer – lots of mornings you don’t know what you want for supper – this one thing allowed us so much more freedom.

It takes that long to order a pizza or any fast food and go get it or get it delivered. The difference is I knew exactly what we were eating and it made a huge difference for our high level ADHD son. When he would eat prepared food/fast foods at 4/5 – he would tell me, mommy I don’t like how I feel, my body is all jumpy and buzzy, please make it go away.

We had a very bright child who had no attention span unless he was being over stimulated by fast paced games like dodge ball, tag etc or video games. He could beat 16 -20 years olds no problem. A neighborhood teenage boy and our son caught the same school bus and came to be video game buddy’s. As a result I had teenagers from all over our end of the city asking to come watch our son play video games because he was that good. ( It was really weird to have teens routinely show up on our doorstep on weekends and almost beg to watch D play. We would allow them  a couple of hours and he would show and tell them. It is amusing when I think back to all these teenagers thanking a 4-5 year old for the great tips and tricks.)

Had we not chosen to seek out complimentary solutions and change to only real food  we prepared/grew rather than follow the medical drug solution we would have stolen our children’s  choices for their future with out even knowing it. I see the difference between him and a cousin on each side of the family whose family’s chose the other route, the route that both medical and school officials were quire forceful in suggesting.

Our son has been able to do more, see more and have the choice of whatever profession he wants. His cousins never even made it through high school. He is still figuring it out but he has the marks and the education to choose between becoming an Electrical Engineer, Pharmacist or Air Traffic Controller. He is a very determined individual and when he makes up his mind to accomplish something it happens.

His employers enjoy his inquiring solution oriented mind and affable personally. Even better, like all teens he tried a bit of pot and booze but then knowingly chose  for those not to be his choices.

This is the kid the psychiatrists and psychologists said would never make it through school because his inability to pay attention was so severe.

Our daughter has not needed surgery and is able to stay off steroids etc by maintaining responsible nutritional choices and supplementation.  Another student in her class with the same diagnosis but less severe had to have his intestines removed in grade 11. His parents followed the medical advice they were given to a T.

Now I have very, very infrequent minor bouts of  tummy discomfort – typically when I choose eat processed/ fast foods for a few days like on road trips. I don’t have to deny myself anything in the food world anymore as long as I use moderation. So changing what you eat is not a life sentence like disease can be, for us it is life liberation. We are a family who can and will tell you that from Experience – because of what we have gone through to get where we are today.

The future with respect to physical and mental health is all about the choices we make.

We  are not RAW or VEGAN – We ARE regular people who make conscious choices about what we eat and have been well rewarded for making choices that work far better for us.

Through this blog I will share some of those choices that make a real difference in our lives every day like the ones above.

Please CHOOSE WISELY!  We do and I am grateful that I was savvy enough – not to just accept and follow the advice that was offered and insisted upon.

Top 20 Things Most Dangerous to Children

Top 20 Things Most Dangerous to Children

Came across this article today and thought it was well put together and contained great info!

Understand that what we have been lead to believe by much of mainstream media and mainstream medicine about these things may be different so please take the time to look into things further if you question what is being said.

In my reading, I have read numerous articles on most of the items listed and they for the most part concur but I encourage you to do some of your own digging as well!

FYI (** = my – (the poster) – added comments)

1. Mercury fillings
Often called “silver fillings” to hide the fact that they’re made from mercury, these highly toxic fillings are placed directly into the mouths of children where they are inhaled (mercury vapor) and swallowed, causing systemic mercury poisoning to the child and leading to long-term neurological damage. Visit www.IAOMT.org and watch the “Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas” video to learn more.** (Not that long ago dentists were the most likely profession to literally go crazy – mercury poisoning)

2. Vaccines
Think vaccines are safe? You’ve been hoodwinked by the popular media parroting drug company propaganda. Vaccines are preserved with methyl mercury, one of the most dangerous chemical forms of the toxic heavy metal. This mercury is injected directly into the bodies of children where it causes severe neurological damage. And yes, it does cause Autism, despite what you’ve read in the dumbed-down press. Only a fool would inject their child with mercury-preserved vaccines.** (Not that long ago dentist were the most likely profession to literally go crazy – mercury poisoning)

3. Hot dogs
Hot dogs are made with horrifying processed meat parts (click here to see shocking photos of processed meat products, then preserved with a cancer-causing ingredient called sodium nitrite. As detailed in my book Grocery Warning, this ingredient causes brain tumors in children, not to mention leukemia, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and other cancers. Hot dogs are far more dangerous to a child’s health than lead paint in my opinion, and yet parents keep feeding them to their children!

4. Antibacterial soap
How about a little nerve toxin in your soap? That’s what’s found in antibacterial soap. It’s a toxic cocktail of chemicals designed to kill life. That’s how it kills bacteria. The problem is that it also harms people — especially infants and children who are trying to develop healthy nervous systems. Avoid all products claiming to be “antibacterial.” You’re better off using natural soap (like Dr. Bronner’s soap, www.DrBronner.com ) and letting your child’s immune system fight off common bacteria. The world isn’t sterile, after all. You can’t turn your house into a germ-free bubble. (** You don’t want too either – children need to play in dirt and be exposed to the real world so their immune system is challenged so it becomes developed. It is our first and best line fo defense. If you are already a parent,  the anti- bacterial craze probably was in it’s infancy when you were very young. You survived and thrived with just plain soap and water. If you want extra protection – do lots of research on colloidal silver and choose that. It will allow the immune system to be exposed and develop because of how it works. Had I known about it when my kids were tiny. I am positive we would never have needed antibiotics.)

5. ADHD drugs
Would you give your child street drugs like speed or meth? Probably not, but what if your doctor wrote you a prescription for speed and said your child needed it because he was ADHD? If you’re like most parents, you’d fall in step and start giving your child speed. But wait, you say: ADHD drugs are not speed, are they? But of course they are. They belong to a class of drugs called amphetamines. They used to be illegally sold as speed. Now they’re prescription drugs, and they’re given to children in schools all across America (and elsewhere). Psychiatrists and drug companies are making a killing dosing up kids and infants on substances that used to be considered illegal street drugs (and that have no legitimate medical use whatsoever)..(**We used a light and sound therapy for our son who was labeled very high level ADHD – it was extremely effective. He has the courses and the marks that would allow him to take almost any degree he chooses – they said he would never sit still long enough to make it past grade 9. He was and to this day is the only child to be kicked out of Special Ed in our school division because he no longer needs it. )

6. Sports drinks
For some reason, parents irrationally believe sports drinks are healthy because they contain the word “sports.” Didn’t they notice the neon green artificial coloring? Sports drinks are, in my opinion, a nutritional joke. Made from salt water, processed sweeteners and petrochemical coloring, many of their ingredients are actually harmful. Drinking water would be smarter, and feeding your child some healthy trace minerals would be even better. Low on potassium? Eat a banana. (**Many teenagers are experiencing extreme adrenal fatigue from drinks like the Redbulls etc. of the world. One of the products of an amazing heart health product line that I market is an energy drink that is all natural amino acids and B vitamins. If you want info on a good for you energy drink,  just e-mail me or let me know in an e-mail or comment. It fits my simple, safe, affordable solution prerequisites.)

7. Cough syrup and over-the-counter medicines
Nearly all children’s over-the-counter medicines contain multiple toxic substances such as chemical sweeteners, preservatives and additives. Cough syrup, in particular, has been scientifically proven to be absolutely worthless in preventing coughs. Many “children’s” medicines are actually more toxic than their adult counterparts because they’re sweetened up and cosmetically enhanced with artificial colors made from petrochemicals. Yet parents poison their children every day with over-the-counter medicine.(**Please look through my blog – there are now a number of natural cough, cold and flu remedies to be found here.)

8. Sunscreen
The sunscreen industry is a huge scam. Most popular sunscreen products actually cause skin cancer due to the numerous toxic chemicals they contain (which are quickly absorbed into the skin where they cause DNA mutations that lead to cancer). Even worse, sunscreen blocks the UV radiation that allows the skin to manufacture all-important vitamin D — the most powerful anti-cancer nutrient yet known to modern science. It prevents over a dozen different cancers, yet parents block it by slathering toxic sunscreen on their children, all while mistakenly believing they’re “protecting their children from cancer!” What a scam.

9. Fluoride in the water
I’ve always found it amazing that city water officials were dumb enough to actually buy a toxic waste substance and arrange to have it dripped into the public water supply where it would be ingested by infants and children. The result? Mass fluorosis and toxicity to children everywhere. Didn’t these people realize that fluoride only works topically? (That is, it only works if you rub it on your teeth, then spit it out, and even that only works if you’re using natural fluoride, not the chemicals spit out as byproducts of the fertilizer industry, which is what city water departments are buying and dripping into the water supply.) Click here to see my CounterThink cartoon on this topic.

Whoever heard of drinking a topical medication in the first place? It’s like swallowing sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Even worse, putting this into the public water supply effectively mass medicates everyone with a bioactive chemical substance that no one has been given a prescription for. This is all done with no regard for the level of natural fluoride children might already be ingesting from other sources. The situation is so crazy that it’s difficult to find a more insane example of medical tyranny than the mass fluoridation of public water supplies. The fact that doctors and dentists so vehemently support it demonstrates just how crazy they really are.(** I am really happy to live on a farm with well water.)

10. Processed milk
Children as young as 10 years old are now being diagnosed with heart disease and clogged arteries. Ever wonder how it happened? It’s due in part, I believe, to all the processed milk children are swallowing these days. Not only is the milk contaminated with pus, blood and detectable levels of pesticides and other chemicals, it’s also homogenized, meaning the fats are artificially modified in a way that makes them stay in suspension. This homogenization also makes milk fats dangerous to cardiovascular health. While I support the consumption of raw, unprocessed milk, I think that consuming processed, homogenized milk is dangerous to the health of infants, children and adults alike!(**Countries that do not have an abundance of dairy products, have significantly lower diabetes and heart disease rates.)

11. Fast food
Fast food is extremely unhealthy for children. Not only are the foods often fried, homogenized, hydrogenated and otherwise altered, they’re also laced with chemical additives, taste enhancers, processed sugars, petrochemical food coloring and other unhealthy substances. Strangely, many parents actually reward their children for good behavior by buying them unhealthy fast food meals, thereby creating a psychological association between good feelings and junk food. (Fast food restaurants further exploit this psychological link by building playgrounds and running feel-good advertisements that emphasize friends and fun, then link those good vibes to their food products.)

12. Antidepressant drugs
Children as young as six months old are now being put on psychotropic drugs such as SSRIs (antidepressants). These drugs, we now know, cause suicidal thoughts and violent behavior, especially in young boys. They imbalance brain chemistry and even alter the body’s metabolism of sugar, promoting diabetes and leading to rapid weight gain. These drugs are so dangerous that feeding them to children should be considered a crime. Every single school shooting involving a child in the United States in the last 15 years has been linked to antidepressant drug use. Need I say more? (** and how many school shootings since this article was originally written?)

13. Chemical laundry detergents
Parents are shown fancy ads on television depicting how wonderful and clean their clothes will be if they wash them in brand-name laundry detergent. What they’re not shown, however, is the toxicity of all the synthetic chemicals that go into most laundry detergent products. The fragrance chemicals alone are often carcinogenic, and they’re just as bad for the environment as they are children’s health. A new alternative has appeared, however: Soap berries! It’s laundry soap that grows on trees. We offer it at www.BetterLifeGoods.com (**Use a natural laundry ball.- I am in the process of trying a new one out, that I am really liking so far.)

14. Flame retardant chemicals
Did you know that new mattresses for infants and children are often sprayed with extremely toxic flame retardant chemicals? These are easily absorbed through the skin of infants and children where they contribute to numerous neurological disorders and immune suppression. Many clothing products are also sprayed with flame retardants, as are some carpeting products. In the push to make everything fireproof, state regulators (who have mandated the flame retardant chemicals in states like California) have created a toxic environment for everyone. I suppose if you’re a politician, it’s always better for a million people to die of a mysterious disease that can’t be linked to you than to have one baby burning up on the evening news with fingers of blame pointed directly at you. (**All brand new clothes are very toxic and need to be washed before worn! Living on a farm i have a cloths line, so mine also get aired out outside overnight. )

15. Soda
Aside from directly promoting diabetes and obesity, sodas also contain high amounts of phosphoric acid, a substance that dissolves bones and causes a loss of bone mineral density. This causes massive tooth decay as well as a shrinking jaw bone and overall skeletal fragility. Diet sodas are even worse, since they contain chemical sweeteners linked to neurological disorders and learning disabilities. (** Have you noticed the price of a 2 liter Coke can still be found at 99 cents on sale but you seldom see milk on sale and never never that cheap.)

16. Air fresheners
Air fresheners contain cancer-causing chemicals. Unleashing them in the house exposes children to these chemicals, promoting asthma and other respiratory problems. If you value the health of your children, avoid air freshener products and just use essential oils or citrus peels instead. (Peel an orange and hang the peel in your kitchen.) (** The coffee grounds from this morning will absorb nasty smells all day long too!)

17. Synthetic vitamins
Many children’s vitamins are made with cheap, synthetic “vitamin” chemicals that actually harm people who take them. Plus, many are loaded up with artificial colors, sucrose and chemical sweeteners. Avoid cheap, store-bought children’s vitamins or anything containing cyanocobalamin (a toxic form of vitamin B12). Quality children’s vitamins are available through sources like Nordic Naturals (fish oils) and www.IntegratedHealth.com (also check www.WellnessResources.com for high-quality supplements).(** I searched and searched and finally found an excellent liquid natural vitamin mineral complex that you can order from me for 1/2 of what the retail stores market it for. It fits my simple, safe, affordable solution prerequisites.)

18. Dryer sheets
Most popular dryer sheets and fabric softeners are made with toxic synthetic chemicals that are not safe to use on children’s clothing. The fragrance chemicals alone are often highly carcinogenic, and the other chemicals contribute additional toxicity to the clothing. Children’s clothes should never be washed or dried in chemicals. Only use natural detergents and fabric softeners, or avoid the fabric softeners altogether. (**Use a natural laundry ball.- I am in the process of trying a new one out, that I am really liking so far. )

19. Bacon
Most bacon and sausage are processed meat products made with sodium nitrite (like the hot dogs, above) and contaminated with various chemicals lodged in the animal fats. Conventionally-raised beef, pork and chicken products are, in my opinion, extremely toxic to the human body and contribute to colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and many other diseases and disorders. If you make meat for your children, shop for 100% organic, free-range, antibiotic-free meats that have no nitrites or nitrates. (** Talk to a butcher -many of them will provide you with un-processed side bacon – It has to be kept frozen as there are no preservatives. )

20. Shampoo and bath products
Virtually all popular shampoo and bath products sold on the market contain cancer-causing chemicals. The ingredients read like a top-40 list of toxic chemicals. Virtually none of these chemicals have ever been tested or approved for use on humans (they are simply ignored because the FDA astonishingly believes the skin won’t absorb chemicals). If you want healthy products, use the shampoo I recommend: Pure Essentials Fragrance-Free Shampoo from Earth Science (www.TheNewES.com) (** From the mouths of my hair-dresser friends, most of the really cheap brands have the least additives. I stared reading the labels and they are right so that is what you see in my bathroom. If you have  a good diet and have a really good vitamin mineral supplement – you will have healthier hair.)

(**Note I did not visit every link so can not attest that they are all still available.)

The preface from the original article – and not much has changed since – Scary.

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com
The mainstream media is amusingly irrational when it comes to reporting scare stories. The latest example involves the lead content of Mattel toys made in China. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a third recall of Mattel toys involving over 700,000 toys containing unacceptably high levels of lead paint (over .06 percent lead). Irrational parents are rushing back to retailers in droves, turning in their Mattel toys to “save their children” from the dangers of lead paint. Mattel, for its part, is being rightly blasted in the media for selling shoddy products made with toxic heavy metals.But here’s the interesting part in all this: Parents directly poison their children every day with products far more dangerous than Mattel toys. Don’t believe me? I’ll name twenty things in this article that are far more dangerous to children than Mattel toys. It doesn’t mean Mattel toys are safe, of course. They apparently do contain unacceptably high levels of lead, and there’s no question about the toxicity of lead. But children don’t eat toys nearly as often as they eat some other toxic substances given to them by their parents, and even as parents are herding back into retailers to refund their toxic lead-laden toys, they’re returning home and poisoning their children with many other products that are far worse.The press, of course, reports nothing about these other toxic products. And why? Because they’re made in America.

American products poisoning American children

American products, you see, are often given blanket immunity by the U.S. press. While the media is happy to jump on toxic lead found in Chinese products, they completely ignore (for example) the toxic mercury that dentists continue to place into the mouths of young children all across the country. Why is it considered highly dangerous for a child to merely touch a toy with .06 percent lead paint while it is considered perfectly safe for a child to chew on a filling made with 40 percent mercury? Mercury is far more toxic than lead in many ways, yet the media has nothing to say about the mass poisoning of children through the outmoded dental work still being performed on children today. Mercury fillings were invented before the Civil War, and they’re just as toxic now as they were then!

Of course, if dental fillings were made in China, the U.S. press would be screaming about their toxicity! But since they’re installed by crazed U.S. dentists — many of whom still manage to seem convincingly sane — there’s zero coverage in the mainstream media.

Reporting the truth about dangerous chemicals, heavy metals and other threats to children is extremely selective. The public never hears the real truth about what’s dangerous — they only hear what the media want them to think is dangerous!

But I’ve had it with popular media distortions. Here, I’m going to reveal the top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than the lead paint in Mattel toys. Interestingly, most of these are things that parents intentionally give their children (or feed to them!). If you’re worried about lead paint, you should be far more worried about these 20 things…

Vitamin D3 – What leading experts need you to know.

Vitamin D3: The Miracle Vitamin that Prevents Disease

Something you will be hearing about a lot on this blog. Lets start with these 3 short videos.

 – By Dr. Bruce H. Yaffe


 – By Dr. John Cannel


 – Dr. Joseph Prendergast


Start winter right – go get some good Vitamin D3 for you and everyone else in your home!

Have a great weekend.