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Study: Sugar now linked to Dementia

Study: Sugar now linked to Dementia
Yes, eating too much sugar widens your backside.
But that’s just the beginning.
The health dangers of sugar continue to grow, and now there’s even evidence that flooding your bloodstream with sugar on a regular basis can also cause memory impairment and decline!

According to German author and neurologist Dr. Agnes Floel, elevated blood sugar levels (from regularly eating high-carb, high-sugar foods) are fast becoming significant markers for cognitive decline and dementia.
In a recent study of 141 participants performed at Charite University Medicine in Berlin, researchers measured and compared sugar levels in 2 test groups—one had normal sugar levels and the others’ were elevated.
After testing which included an MRI scan and a word test, the researchers noted that the higher blood sugar participants consistently did worse during the memory assessments than the normal blood sugar group! 
The reason why this happens is because sugar clogs the nutrient channels in all of your cells.  Not only can this weaken your bones and muscles, but it can slow down communication between your nerve cells–which can lead to mood swings, memory problems and eventually dementia.

More ways this “Sweet Poison” destroys your health:
It encourages insulin resistance
Sugar binds to the hormone receptors in your cells, jamming them up making them insensitive to the hormone insulin.
Once you’re insulin resistant, you have opened the door for Type 2 diabetes, more weight gain and even sexual dysfunction!
It ages you
Sugar stiffens the collagen in your tendons, joints and skin, which can lead to arthritis and premature wrinkling.
At the same time it interferes with the production of NEW collagen throughout your entire body, so you get a double whammy here.
It impairs your immune system functioning
Sugar alters the “sensors” that your white blood cells need in order to be able to distinguish normal, healthy tissues and cells from dangerous invaders.
This opens up the door for infections and viruses of all kinds to flourish as well as the development of cancer.
In addition, sugar also weakens your immune system by “slowing down” your white blood cells too.
White blood cells travel through your blood vessels “patrolling” and waiting for an SOS from a tissue that’s injured or inflamed.
Once they sense that their protective services are needed to help you heal and prevent infection, they wiggle out of your blood stream through little spaces between your cells (called the “matrix”) and go to the troubled area to begin their work.
But sugar can react with proteins in your body and “close off” these tiny crawl spaces, thereby preventing your white blood cells from getting where they need to go to protect you. The more of these “sugar blockages” you have, the more your immune function is impaired.

It interferes with your circulation
Your circulation and your red blood cells are affected by sugar too.
Your red blood cells sop up sugar like a sponge in your bloodstream and in doing so, they grow old, stiff and bloated. 
Now, normally your spleen can filter out these worn-out red blood cells by passing them through a series of corridors—and any that are too “puffed up with sugar” get removed from circulation.
But when your blood is consistently overloaded with sugar, your spleen can’t keep up with its fast-growing filtering job.  Eventually, the puffy red blood cells can build up and clog your capillaries.
This is what’s happening when diabetics go blind and develop numbness in their feet and gangrenous infections.
It can cause dysbiosis
Sugar also harms the important little inhabitants in your gut, and this is another sugar double whammy.
About 70% of your immune system resides in the beneficial bacteria (AKA friendly flora) in your gut.
Also residing in your gut are “bad guys”–harmful bacteria and yeasts–that you can get from your food and the environment.
In order to have a strong flora balance (and hence an effective immune system), many experts recommend that you strive to have at least 85% friendly bacteria in your gut and no more than 15% harmful.
Your friendly flora is nourished by things like vegetables, fermented foods, whole grains and legumes.
The harmful bacteria, on the other hand, LOVE sugar.
So when you give your body a regular onslaught of sugar not only are you starving your beneficial bacteria, but you’re feeding the dangerous ones.
This can cause dysbiosis (harmful bacteria overgrowth), which can not only make your immune system practically non-existent, but it also can hamper your digestion causing gas, bloating and anything-but-normal BMs.
What to do
If you suspect you are suffering the health effects of too much sugar, in addition to seeing your doctor to rule out Type 2 diabetes (among other things), it’s absolutely VITAL to change your diet to replace most of the refined sugar with healthy, complex carbs.

Having a more healthy diet can certainly help reverse your flora balance into the more healthy range, but for many people it’s not enough. This is especially true if you take medications of any kind (particularly antibiotics or acid reducers), are under a fair amount of stress, drink tap water or are exposed to pollutants in the environment or on your job.  All of these factors can also upset your flora balance.
A quality probiotic supplement can be very helpful for most people. there may be some initial discomfort but persrvere through it and experience substantial health improvements.
Speak to an expert at your local health food store or a naturopath. Get Pre-biotic and Pro-biotics with multiple strains of potent, friendly bacteria to help beef up your flora population and bring your balance to a more health-enhancing level, and help you “recover” from a long history of being a sugar-holic.
Take the necessary steps to minimize sugar’s harmful effects on your body…and I’m sure it will thank you many times over!

***Reposters Note
Thank you to Sherry Brescia for many of the paragraphs used in this post.

I am a sugar-holic. The Oxygen Spa mentioned in my previous post cleared up a 20 year yeast infection and has kept my yeast in balance for 5 years now. It also provides an excellent massage and really gets the blood moving – my flexibility and joint inflammation has definitely improved. My cold hands and feet are long gone evidencing a very significant improvement in circulation. My bowel flora balance has improved very significantly and I am free from many years of intense IBS symptoms and severe adult acne.

I suffered from Tonsillitis all through my teens. Finally as an adult, it was recommended that they be removed as the constant infections were having such negative impacts and antibiotics were becoming useless. I believe my IBS and adult acne resulted from long term antibiotic use.

Many years later I learned of Oxygen Therapies but none of the delivery methods was very pleasant. I tried them with success but due to the unpleasantness of the therapies, I could not achieve the needed level of oxygenation to recreate the proper aerobic/anaerobic bacteria balance in the bowels or the rest of my body.

The Oxygen Spa came into my life and finally IBS and Adult Acne symptoms disappeared from my life with a lot of other inconvenient minor health frustrations like yeast and bladder infections. That you get the most amazing massage in your own tub by millions of Oxygen/Ozone bubbles is a total bonus.

Pre-biotics and Pro-biotics are a huge part of the solution but an oxygen rich body that is of the appropriate PH level are also an extremely important part of the equation fro achieving true long term health.

Along with reducing sugar and carb intake, drink plenty of water and do something every day that gets your heart rate up and your blood moving. Our brains need good blood flow and oxygen just like the rest of our bodies.

This article will be very educational for some, for others of us it is a reminder of what we know but continue to ignore. For me and those of you who read this, it is a call to do better. Not only is our physical health and longevity at risk so is losing our minds.*****